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Convenient app by Walmart which aims to ease the shopping process. Thousands of different products can be found in the catalogue, including those on sale. What’ even more interesting is that the app allows you to earn some extra dollars by finding cheaper products in your area.

Interface 5/5

The design of the app closely resembles the original website. Photography, which is used in categories, showcases moments from real life and is quite pleasant for the eye. The color palette mainly includes white and blue colors, which are naturally perceived as something calm and pacifying. Simplicity extends across all items and makes the shopping process easier. Minimalism also hadn’t affect functionality as all prices are visible right away and main information can be obtained in 2-3 clicks.

Features 4/5

So the main feature, which is used by many, is Savings Catcher. Basically, this service scans your receipt after you’ve made a purchase at Walmart, and checks if other local retailers have lower prices. If such a price is found, the app will reimburse the difference. For example, if you buy $6 worth shaving foam and the Catcher finds nearby competitors who sell it for $4, you’ll get $2 on your gift card. It can be later spent in any Walmart store. The big advantage is that unlike other product-specific gift codes, discounts here come after the purchase. So the app doesn’t encourage you to buy useless or unnecessary stuff.

However, there are some restrictions, as service mainly covers household items and toiletries. Also, it might be quite useful when going after groceries. Another thing, that worth your attention, is that service only works if you use Walmart Pay in stores. Shopping online and paying with a physical card just won’t work. Other than that, Savings Catcher is a pretty decent feature that will help to save on daily purchases.

Usability 5/5

As mentioned before, the app is really intuitive and easy to navigate. Straight from the homepage, it is possible to get nearby prices and check if items are available in local stores. If you don’t really know what you want, there’s a shopping by categories to help you out. Just choose any of 20+ departments and browse the best options available out there. The company is also working hard on making the shopping experience as personalized as possible by showing top-selling local items and recommendations based on previous purchases.

Compatibility 5/5

The app looks good and optimized both on iPhone and iPad. Also, there is an available version for Android devices. Therefore, Walmart has covered over 97% of the mobile operating systems market, which is undoubtedly a good indicator.


Walmart - Save Time and Money app is really what it says in the title. The clean interface and personalized offers make the shopping process as fast as possible. By using the Saving Catcher feature, it’s possible to save up to $600 per year, which makes this app a must-have for those who often go shopping.

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  • very bad return service, i waited for half hour return a $1.50 item, i requested five time to open another counter to make the line bad return service, m , finally could talk to the the Poor return service in hill top mart. The manger didn't care 20 customer in the line of the return service counter, even though both two return counter stuck with two complicate transaction for half hour. The manager said "whole store can't find extra employee to assist customer for return." I only return a $1.50 item, but requested five time ask them to open another register to slove the line, nobody care. It 's bad service, won't come again
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