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Samsung Smart Switch Mobile review

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Everyone knows how fragile smartphones are nowadays and how easily all your information can be lost. Samsung Smart Switch is an application that allows transferring files from any smartphone to the Galaxy gadget. Transferred items include: videos, music, photos, contacts, messages and calendar events.

Interface 4/5

The Smart Switch app is thoroughly crafted with a clean and intuitive interface, making it easy to navigate through. The design is light with simple icons by Samsung and standard instructions. The whole minimalist concept looks great and is pleasant for an eye. However, not all options are available straight from the home page. The user must perform actions step by step, which is very time-consuming and inconvenient.

Features 5/5

There’s always a constant need to transfer information from older phones to the new ones. If one is upgrading to Galaxy smartphone, then the best option would be using a Smart Switch. The program allows transferring data from any platform, no matter if it’s iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry or something else.

There are three main ways of how this app could be useful:

  1. Wirelessly. Both devices should be connected via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The app must also be installed on both of them, so if it’s not possible, then other options should be considered.
  2. Through USB cable. A simple cable would be good enough although USB to Micro USB adapter might be needed.
  3. Through computer. Content can be safely transferred to a PC or Mac and then copied onto the Galaxy device.

For Apple users, it is also available option to transfer files from the cloud. The Smart Switch will automatically find your favorite apps in Google Play or will suggest similar options to those that you’ve had.

Usability 3/5

Generally speaking, the Smart Switch is a decent app for transferring data from the older phones to the latest Galaxy devices. However, some people report that data transfer is not that perfect. First of all, not all devices are compatible with Smart Switch. In that case, in order to perform the transfer data must first be sent to a computer. Another problem is that occasionally information can get lost during the transfer process. There’s nothing to do about it, and it can get really annoying.

Compatibility 4/5

Smart Switch supports Galaxy / Tab / Note series later than Galaxy s2. A version of Android must be higher than 4.0. For Apple products iOS version 5.0 or above is required as well as lightning cable with USB connector. From Windows mobiles and BlackBerry devices, the information can be transferred only wirelessly.


Smart Switch is used to efficiently transfer files from your older phones to a newer Galaxy gadget. The interface is clean and intuitive, although the process can take some time. Also, during the transfer, not all files might be sent, which is rare but very unpleasant. The good news is that app supports not only Android and iOS devices but also Blackberries and Windows Mobiles. Therefore, the Smart Switch might not be perfect but is definitely worth giving a shot.

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