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Roblox is a creative sandbox platform. Using its tools, models and skins, you can create your own games or enjoy those that have been designed by other players. With a monstrous variety of genres, Roblox offers a virtually never-ending catalog of fun titles for free. Download Roblox and get to the action!

Graphics and Sound – 4/5

Obviously inspired by Lego, Roblox mimics the style of the Danish game. The central heroes and heroines are Lego-styled munchkins. They can wear various quirky costumes and dress up as construction workers, pilgrims, police officers, ninjas, hamburgers, and so forth.

3D Objects and decorations are nicely drawn and animated. Helicopters, police cars, bulldozers, space shuttles, submarines — they all look like plastic toys that suddenly came to life. In addition to vehicles, weapons, and buildings, you also get to enjoy amazing surroundings. Tropical islands, pizza parlors, prisons, docks, spaceports — they all have nice atmospheric elements.

To unlock full character customization, you'll need Robux. This is the in-game currency, for which you can purchase skins, accessories, and so on. Robux can be purchased or hustled through gift cards, generators, etc.

Gameplay – 4.5/5

Roblox is not just a single game. It's an entire universe of games designed by both enthusiasts and professionals. Here you'll find all the genres possible. Fans of survival would heartily appreciate Natural Disaster Survival, which has a tinge of battle royale. Business whiz kids will enjoy Theme Park Tycoon. And young detectives may try their skills at Murder Mystery 2.

First-person shooters, zombie survivals, racing, jailbreaks — Roblox's repertoire is inexhaustible. Besides, you can design your own game. You won't need any background in coding/visual arts since Roblox Studio provides all the tools necessary.

Controls – 4.5/5

Roblox has standard controls for all platforms. For instance, on PC movement is done via WASD, zooming in/out via I and O, and inventory can be dug through via numeric keypad/mouse wheel.

Lasting Appeal – 4.5/5

Roblox may become a long-time affection for both creative minds and those who just search for a fun time online. It has a gazillion games in all genres possible, an extensive online community and a marvelous toolkit for game-designers. So, if you want to have a game, in which you can assassinate terrorists, explore the bottom of the ocean or work as a humble waiter at a pizza joint — Roblox is your call.

Difficulty Level

Most of the titles in Roblox are quite easy to play. They have the same mechanics, like the classic games of the respective genres. Shooters demand you to kill all (hostile) humans, and racing tournaments challenge you to be the fastest wheel-guy around. And games like Murder Mystery 2 are all about deduction, strategizing and logic. Elementary, dear Watson!


Roblox is a wonderful online sandbox. It offers a whole constellation of awesome games and millions of players to compete or cooperate with. And of course, a chance to tailor your own gaming experience that can be shared with the entire Roblox crowd.

Graphics and Sound
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