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Do you work with text on a daily basis? Do you need a convenient and trustworthy solution for creating and editing texts on the go? I’m glad to introduce you the new version of legendary Microsoft Office Word for mobile platforms and tablets. Finally, you can use the same Word that you are accustomed to on your PC or Mac. You probably know all its features, but let’s check whether they are all here or not.

Interface 4/5

The first launch of this text processing app made me smile and say “They did it!” aloud. This compact version finally looks almost the same as the classic desktop one. When I started typing this review, I felt that everything I need for my daily writing is present. Moreover, the majority of features are accessible in a single tap.

On the other hand, it’s not the best looking app for small screens. The upper bar is too big for devices with less than 4,5’ display size. This problem is solvable with a bluetooth keyboard, because it hides the virtual keyboard away, and allows you to use all habitual shortcuts like a pro.

Features 4/5

Surprisingly, the vast majority of the desktop version tools are present in the compact variant. The starting page offers the same ready-made templates along with your Microsoft account access, some basic options and settings. Tap “create” to use one of the templates or tap “open” to see your recent projects on your device, OneDrive (Personal and Business) or Dropbox.

Moving to the main workspace, I noticed that it is almost similar with the desktop version. The only new tab among File, Home, Insert, Layout, Review and View is Draw. Yes, you can use your Apple Pencil or any stylus to draw anything you want in Word. It’s up to you to decide whether this feature is relevant or not, because I don’t really find it useful for any serious projects. Maybe, it’s good for leaving highlights on images.

I mentioned tabs, but didn’t turn your attention to scales. The smallest mobile app looks quite cut, but it’s just a drawback of little screens. In fact, many features are hidden into secondary unsets.

Moving forward I noticed a big drawback for copyrighting and other tasks. There’s no word and symbol quantity counter. How are we supposed to know the exact number of words to fit instructions?

Usability 4/5

Well, hidden menus are something to get accustomed to, but it’s impossible to follow your progress without a work counter. However, if you are not restricted with the number of works, you won’t notice the absence of this feature. There are two Input options. You can stick to touch screen when you are just about reading and correcting mistakes, but to type fast, you’d better purchase a smart-case with keyboard or a full size bluetooth set.

Compatibility 5/5

Due to OneDrive and Dropbox compatibility, you  can access all your documents on multiple authorised devices and edit them. Work application is available for iOS and Android for free and it’s able to read desktop-created documents without missing the formatting.


To draw the conclusion, I would like to say that Word for mobile platforms is the best text processing application so far. It needs some minor improvements to deserve being called a professional tool.

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