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Magic Jigsaw Puzzles review

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With over 20,000 qualitative pictures to solve Magic Jigsaw Puzzles is probably one of the largest games in this genre. New HD pictures appear every day and user interface is so convenient that it makes the game not only challenging but also relaxing. 

Graphics and Sound 5/5

Graphics in the game are very pleasant for the eyes. The whole interface is thoroughly drawn so that players won’t experience difficulties navigating through it. Besides that, there are more than 20,000 beautiful HD pictures to be solved. The whole process becomes even more stress-relieving thanks to the great unobtrusive music and sound effects. 

Gameplay 5/5

What makes this app to stand out among other the other titles are its great offerings. The puzzle-solving process becomes more entertaining with a point system, shop and the ability to make a puzzle of any photo in camera roll. Personalized puzzles make the game more personal and it’s much more pleasant to recreate beautiful memories step by step. However, even standard pictures are amazing, because game collaborates with such brands as National geographic or Sony Pictures. Categories are so diverse that everyone will find something to solve, whether it will be animals, landscapes or portraits. 

Another great factor is social networking. By using the “Jigsaw feed” you can share your favorite personalized puzzles with players all around the world so they could also compete. The difficulty level can be chosen depending on your skills. The highest one is the 5th level with up to 550 pieces. If you feel yourself a puzzle-solving pro, then take your chances in weekly tournaments. By purchasing a subscription even more exclusive puzzles will be available as well as an unlimited amount of user-created pictures.

Controls 5/5

Puzzle fans know how hard it is to get through pieces, finding the right one and adjusting it correctly. In Magic Jigsaw Puzzles pieces are already rotated correctly in the right side of the screen (pieces can be randomly rotated to make the game harder though). They can be easily scrolled through and pulled out when necessary. Touch response is accurate, and when aligned, pieces make the audio and visual effect that really helps to make things more understandable. You won’t experience any discomfort by solving puzzles on your smartphone screen, as controls are well-thought-out. 

Lasting Appeal 5/5

The sheer amount of pictures makes this game really magical. Of course, most of the pictures are available for those who bought a subscription, however, even free users get a lot of content to work on. Not to mention that new free pictures are being added daily and either by rotating or choosing more pieces you can make the puzzle harder and replay it once again.

Difficulty Level 

The difficulty level can be adjusted depending on your skills. If you’re unfamiliar with the puzzle-solving process, then choosing fewer pieces will be a better option. For experienced players will be more entertaining to solve puzzles with multiple pieces. 


Magic Jigsaw Puzzles is a great stress-relieving game with more than 20,000 HD pictures to be solved and multiple difficulty options. Controls are easy to use, and the whole experience is so entertaining that it’s definitely a must-have regardless of your age.

Graphics and Sound
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  • I have been doing these puzzles for years. But I noticed changes. Changes like getting advertisement every time I put a few pieces in. This is awful. And your newest thing....missions.
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