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iVMS-4500 review

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iVMS-4500 was specially developed for Hikvision cam owners. With the help of this app, you are now able to monitor your office, house or any other place where your Hikvision cameras are installed. iVMS-4500 helps you to see the situation swiftly and easily. However, before starting this app, you have to correctly set up all the cameras. The application was released not so long time ago, but more than 10 million people have already downloaded it on Android and iOS devices combined.

Interface 5/5

The interface in this app looks pretty understandable. Developers added a minimum number of icons to the app, so it should not be difficult to handle this. All the buttons and text are highlighted. By pushing the menu button, the list will appear, in which you will see many features. The navigation here is easy, but if you find it difficult to use the app, you can always look for help on the developers' website.

Features 5/5

Developers added many features to this app, but the main one is live monitoring of the Hikvision cameras, which are located in any of your places. You can also use the remote playback function with the help of hard drive or any other storage of your video camera.

You are also able to play live audio or audio from a recorded file. Besides, if someone activates your motion detector, you will see the signal on your device. Moreover, developers added a function that allows you to controls the Ptz video cameras. There is an opportunity for you to display about 16 recordings from your cameras on the screen.

You can also go to settings and find some extra options there. For example, you can set the password on your app, so nobody could use it. You are also able to view traffic statistics and Wi-Fi configuration. For more information, you can tap the HELP button, which is located at the end of the list.

Usability 5/5

The app works well, but you should also know how to use it properly. To connect your camera to the app, you have to tap the menu button and then select a line called DEVICES. From now, you can connect the camera in three different ways. First is to search for your gadget manually. You can also search the cam by the QR-code, which is printed on it, or by wifi network.

There are few errors, that may occur while using the app. The most popular errors are the incorrect IP address (error code 43),  missing DDNS (error code 96). If someone is trying to connect to your cameras, you will get the error code 153, which means that the person has entered the wrong password many times.

Compatibility 5/5

You can download iVMS-4500 on both Android and iOS platforms. It doesn't matter which of these platforms you use, because all the cams are going to work properly on both of them. Moreover, you can connect one camera to Android and iOS devices at the same time.


iVMS-4500 is a nice app, that will surely help you to monitor the situation in your house, garage or in any other place. Developers released the application on Android and iOS platforms. We recommend you to use the iVMS-4500 in case you are the owner of Hikvision cameras.

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