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Instagram is a popular app where users are able to talk with each other, share various photos and videos. The application is popular because here you can post photos on your profile. Any person can visit the profile and see the photos or videos you posted. However, you can also make your profile private, so only people you follow could see the photos. Instagram is a free app, and you can download it for iOS and Android devices. Users can also access Instagram via an Internet browser.

Interface 4/5

Instagram interface is straightforward. All the main pages are located at the bottom of the screen. You will be able to see new messages thanks to the highlighted icon. You can scroll through the posts of your friends by simply swiping up with your finger. The text is clearly visible. You can manage your profile within a few taps by clicking on the related button. Unfortunately, there is no dark theme on Instagram, which makes it uncomfortable to use the application at night.

Features 5/5

After you start the app and create your account, you will have to manage your profile. To do that, tap the last icon that is located at the bottom right corner. There you can see “Edit profile”, where you can change the profile picture, select username and add your phone number. In order to add photos to your account, tap the + button that is located in the middle of the bottom line. Select the photos you want to add to your account and tap the “Next” button. In addition, you can add photos to your stories – photos or videos that will disappear after 24 hours. 

In order to add another Instagram account, tap on the “Search” icon. After that, you will see various photos and videos that are based on your preferences. Tap the “Search” field that is located at the top of the screen. There you will be able to write the name of your Instagram user. In addition, you can search with the help of hashtags or places. Just tap the related sections. In order to start following the account, visit it and tap the “Follow” button. To start chatting, tap the “Message” button. You can also rate photos by leaving your like or writing down a comment.

Usability 4/5

The application works nicely. It also provides users with the promised content. There are many positive reviews for Instagram. However, the app can sometimes lag. This is a rare issue, but all you have to do in case it happens is to restart Instagram. Nevertheless, developers regularly update the application and fix bugs.

Compatibility 4/5

As it was mentioned, users can download Instagram from the Google Play Market and App Store. The app is free to download. The interface and features remain the same. However, if you login into Instagram via Internet browser, you will not be able to write messages.


We recommend you to download Instagram especially if you are looking for the application where you can share your photos. In addition, Instagram allows you to communicate with each other by writing messages or leaving comments. Thank you for paying attention to this Instagram review.

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