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Hello Neighbor is a survival and mystery game for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. You play as Nicky Roth, a curious kid who investigates the mystery of his neighbor's house. And his investigation leads to bizarre and terrifying discoveries. Download Hello Neighbor and learn what secrets the idyllic suburbs may hide.

Graphics and Sound – 4.5/5

Hello Neighbor is an indie game at its finest. Houses, items, lawns, fences and garages look like giant models made from colorful play dough. Yes, the game looks sunny and optimistic. If it wasn't for the contrast created by Neighbor and his ominous dwelling.

The mysterious antagonist has an overly massive chin and circus mustache. His house, normal at first, proves to be an odd place filled with old, decrepit and paranormal objects. Couple such a visual component with majestic sound design, and you get an enigmatic world of cartoony horror.

Gameplay – 4.5/5

Hello Neighbor is an odd cookie in terms of objectives and missions. Your goal is to sneak inside the next-door house unnoticed. Otherwise, Neighbor will get grumpy and kick you out, ruining all progress.

While you are inside, there will be a good deal of mysteries to solve. Every room of his residency is like a different dimension. You'll have to freeze a pool of water with a snow globe, encounter possessed mannequins, search in every corner for a basement access card and colored keys, etc.

The problem is, your enemy evolves non-stop. Neighbor learns your favorite routes and patrols them to prevent another infiltration. At some point you'll have to get creative to distract him and sneak inside again. He quickly reacts to loud sounds, so you need to be as careful and noiseless as a church mouse or Naked Snake. Unless you want to make noise to attract his attention.

Controls – 4/5

Hello Neighbor's controls are easy on every platform. They are simple to learn and master, but there's an issue. Nicky's own moves are a tad awkward and clumsy. Perhaps he skips a good deal of PE classes: he's pretty tough to pilot when on the run.

Maybe it's a way to make the game feel realistic. However, snoopy Nicky isn't the best runner to be maneuvered. So, your No.1 tactic is to stay as elusive and quiet as a ghost.

Lasting Appeal – 3.5/5

Hello Neighbor is quite inventive, intriguing and honestly disturbing. There are Three Acts in total to beat. And also a grand Finale that unveils some truth behind weird events of Hello Neighbor. But its puzzles often can be counter-intuitive and infuriating.

Difficulty Level

Hello Neighbor has its own strange logic. You can spend hours on solving just one puzzle because its solution is unnervingly absurd. Special powers and important items are hidden in obscure places that you're never encouraged to visit during the game. So if you want to try this stealth-horror, you'll need loads of patience. Or YouTube tutorials.


Hello Neighbor is a piquant treat for all fans of indie/horror genres. It has Tim Burton's visual aesthetics, a believable atmosphere of home intrusion and pretty disturbing scenery. If you'd never shy away from a series of hard-to-crack puzzles — Download Hello Neighbor!

Graphics and Sound
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