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Grand Theft Auto V review

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Grand Theft Auto V is an RPG game for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. It puts you in the shoes of three picturesque criminals: Michael, Franklin and Trevor. With this clique you’ll go many a mile robbing stores, stealing luxury cars and gunning down gang rivals. Download GTA 5 and follow in Tony Montana’s footsteps!

Graphics and Sound – 4.5/5

GTA 5 fully deserves 5 stars. This criminal epic is marvelously designed to the smallest detail. The city of Los Santos is a giant living organism. Whenever you hit the streets of this LA caricature, you quickly get immersed into the spirit of a sinful megalopolis.

The game’s physics allows you to have spectacular shootouts, car races and plane piloting. Every neighborhood of LS has a distinctive character with all sorts of loony personas to observe. And the soundtrack for this crime saga consists of a fine music selection: from Queen and Chicago to Flying Lotus.

Gameplay – 4.5/5

You get to play as three heist artists. Michael is a retired and nostalgic bank robber from Midwest. Franklin is a hard-working OG, sharing the same hood with legendary CJ. Trevor is a crazy duck who has a knack for wearing unwashed clothes, kidnapping old women and massacring hipsters.

Every character also has a special power. Mike can slow down the time to take clean headshots. Frank slows down the time when he’s behind the wheel. And Trevor goes even more berserk, gaining a partial immunity to damage and quicker reaction.

They are your accomplices. And together you’ll raise havoc in LS by robbing military convoys, feeding bullets to Ballas, annihilating police cars with mini-guns and stealing gold bricks from the nation.

Apart from a single player, you can also play GTA 5 online. Here you can start your own cartel or a street gang. Clash with other players to claim their turf, smuggle in weapons, partake in illegal street racing and bring anarchy to the city’s streets. Or you can be a police officer if you believe that law & order are above all.

Controls – 4.5/5

The game has conventional controls on every platform. Some players experience problems with applying the cell phone though. On consoles, it’s done through Up on d-pad and T or Backspace on PC/Mac.

Lasting Appeal – 5/5

GTA has a formidable potential. The single-player mode itself has a lot to offer. Random characters offer you side quests: slaughtering aliens, collecting UFO parts, assassinating business sharks, etc. You can explore mysterious places of LS, do a ghost spotting (Mount Gordo) and even investigate a murder mystery from the past.

Difficulty Level

GTA 5 has a few tough missions, but there are none that can't be beaten. Although the real hustle will begin when you decide to collect every gold medal and complete the game 100%. It’s a no-chump quest.


Download GTA 5 and fight for the mobster king’s crown!

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