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Gacha Life review

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Gacha Life is a new game about Gacha universe that was created by Lunime Studio. The game has a lot of in common with the previous parts, for example, graphics and customization, but developers also added new features in order to diversify the gameplay. Gacha Life allows you to create your gacha characters and select their appearance. You can also try to play a few game modes. Gacha Life interface is almost the same as in the previous parts, so if you have played Gacha games before, it should not be hard for you to switch between game modes. Players can download Gacha Life for iOS and Android devices.

Graphics and Sound 4/5

Gacha Life graphical effects are the same as in the previous Gacha games. The game uses 2D graphics. It should be mentioned that the graphical effects are created in anime style, which is not everyone's cup of tea. Nevertheless, the game offers many colorful and unusual outfits. You can customize your character any way you want. In addition, all the NPCs in the game look unique. You can easily distinguish objects in Gacha Life.

Sound effects in Gacha Life are plain. You will hear various soundtracks playing, but they are calm and relaxing. However, not all soundtracks are great. For example, there is a mini-game where you have to be a DJ. You have to tap on the screen at the required time. Each time you tap on the screen, you can hear an annoying sound. Nevertheless, a lot of sound effects and soundtracks perfectly suit the game atmosphere. 

Gameplay 4/5

Gacha Life has many interesting game modes. First of all, you will be able to create your gacha character. You can select gender, hairstyle, jackets, shirts, pants, footwear, etc. Gacha Life offers players a gripping life mode, where you have to interact with various NPCs and complete various quests. You can also visit many locations there. In addition, players are able to purchase gachas. Later, you will be able to present gachas to various NPCs. In order to buy gachas, you need money. You can play various mini-games. However, mini-games are almost similar, so they can become boring after a few minutes of gameplay. For example, there is a game, where you have to catch falling objects into a bucket. Another mini-game requires avoiding the falling objects. There are 8 mini-games in Gacha Life.

Controls 4/5

Gacha Life controls are pretty simple. All you have to do is to tap on your screen in the required field. There are many mini-games, and controls there are plain. It will not be hard for you to get used to the controls.

Lasting Appeal 3.5/5

You will enjoy playing the game especially if you are a fan of Gacha games. However, you might not like the game in case you are not a fan of games with anime-style graphics. Gacha Life is not a dynamic game.

Difficulty Level

It is easy to play Gacha Life because the game is calm and relaxing. You will not have to perform quick decisions here. It will be easy to play Gacha Life even if you do not play games much.


We recommend you to download Gacha Life in case you are a fan of games that were created by Lunime Studio. It is a fun and easy game, where you can create your own character and play different game modes. Thank you for reading this Gacha Life review.

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