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Developed and released in 2018 on mobile platforms, Fortnite Battle Royale is the second game mode of the highly acclaimed Fortnite game. Its release followed a sudden growth in popularity of the battle royale genre catalyzed by the success of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

Graphics and Sound - 4/5

The graphics in the game are outstanding. There is no notable difference in the jump from platforms with bigger screens, with the colors of characters and items mixing well with the game’s cartoonish background. No discernible glitches can be observed, and that’s really impressive considering the amount of detail involved.

Audio can be a problem though due to device hardware and your environment (external noise), but the developers deal with this by putting an on-screen indicator that allows you to see where sounds are coming from and with what intensity.

Gameplay - 4/5

Once you start the game, you find yourself in a playable lobby for a short period to test out your controls and learn how everything works. When the game begins, you are put on a floating bus and taken over the island, where you can jump off and try to survive.

You will be competing with 99 other players with only a pickaxe at your disposal at first. You will need to quickly begin collecting resources such as weapons, health packs, and building materials. The island will constantly be shrinking due to the storm, and you will need to be aware of that at all times. If you are caught in the storm, your health will start depleting.

The storm will encroach on a random circular space of the island, encouraging confrontation between players. Use the weapons and building materials to your advantage when fighting with your opponents. You can build structures to protect yourself, gain a vantage point to attack, or flee. Your wit is the limit here.

Controls - 3/5

The controls in this game are usable at a sufficient level; at first glance, you will find them all easy to remember and use. The building controls, which you can access by using a button at the bottom, are also relatively easy to understand. However, these are touchscreen controls at the end of the day, which means they can really test your patience. If you have played the game on PC or console, the mobile version can sour your whole gaming experience. With practice, you can eventually get used to mobile controls, but the experience may be irritating until then.

Lasting Appeal - 4/5

The game has an immense lasting appeal due to its dynamic gameplay involving a unique take on the battle royale formula. Another notable feature that will help keep players coming back for more is its team play and cross-platform capabilities. Last but not least, the developers are constantly updating the game to keep things fresh.

Difficulty Level

Fortnite Battle Royale has an average difficulty level. Once you get past the controls hurdle, the things you will have to learn to survive are tactics and strategy. Fortnite has the spectating feature to help you with that. Once you die, you can remain in the game and observe the perspective of any remaining player until there’s only one left. This gives players a chance to learn numerous tricks to get better at the game faster.


With its great graphics, competitive and unique gameplay, Fortnite Battle Royale has quickly gained a massive following in a short period. The fact that it is free only serves to attract more players and opens Fortnite up to a vast pool of people on multiple platforms who can enjoy the game together.

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