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Facebook is the trend of the past decade. It’s still the most popular and influential social media of the world. Connect to it with the official app and share your news and thoughts, react to others’, read the news, buy and sell on the marketplace, advertise your business, and stay aware! Download Facebook for iOS and Android, and the world is just a tap away!

Interface 5/5

It’s similar to that of Facebook you open in your browser on the desktop. The app has tabs for your feed, for your communities, for videos, and so on. If you run a public page, there will be a tab for it, too. All the elements that are interactive in the web version are interactive within the app. You can leave emotional reactions to posts and statuses by one tap. Comments are also easily readable (unless restricted).

There is no dark mode for the Facebook mobile app so far. The developers promise to roll it out soon. Probably they are testing it for the entire variety of devices the app runs at.

Features 5/5

First of all, it’s a social network so you can connect to your friends’ or favorite celebrities’ pages and subscribe or add them as friends. As you subscribe, you add their news to your feed, so you can read their statuses, pictures, videos, links they share, and any public activity you are allowed to see. It notifies you about anything that may concern you. If anyone mentions you or comments your photos and statuses, or replies to the post you have commented, you get notified about it. In Settings, you can disable some (or all) of these alerts.

Facebook is also home for multiple games. You will probably have to install separate apps to play them on your phone, but they remain Facebook-powered, and the progress will remain if you decide to play any of them from Facebook on your desktop.

Finally, there are specific mobile features. For example, location-based propositions use location services of your phone. Your camera can be used to make photos and publish them. It includes exotic options, like making and publishing panorama shots; then you need to move your phone to see the entire panorama.

Usability 4/5

The app is informative and easy, reminding the web view. It lets you view pictures and videos, open links in its own mini browser, post, edit and delete comments, and administrate your own pages.

There are just two things it lacks. First is true ease. It’s especially clear when compared to Facebook Lite, the app that takes less memory and runs faster. Second is the built-in messenger, even the basic one. By the way, Facebook Lite has it. As for the main app, the developers decided to part public and private communication.

Compatibility 4/5

The app is compatible with most of today’s mobile devices, tablets and phones, iOS- or Android-based. On the other hand, it’s already killed off Windows Mobile, and there are no functional apps for any wearable platform, no matter if it’s by Apple, Google, Samsung, or whoever.


Well, you’ll need to install Messenger and game client apps to get the experience similar to that on desktops. But when it comes to public activity, Facebook app does the work perfectly. It keeps you socially connected wherever you are, and its mobile functions are sometimes better than desktop ones.

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