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ClassDojo is a free app, that helps teachers to communicate with students and their parents. It was released in 2011, and from that times till today, the app helps teachers to establish relationships between students. As a reward for good behavior and nice grades, children earn “Dojo Points”. That may surely encourage them to study. 

Interface 5/5

The design of this app is fascinating and bright. It is easy to use ClassDojo because all the buttons and icons are pretty noticeable. Icons and text are highlighted. It will primarily draw the attention of students. Developers have adapted this application for teachers, children, and parents.

Features 5/5

First of all, teachers can send parents photos and videos of the studying process. It will more clearly show the parent how the class works. An instructor will also be able to make announcements about upcoming classroom events. That will surely be useful because there is no need to call each parent individually. Teachers can create their profile on the official website of ClassDojo. There they can manage the class, by naming it, adding the students to the list, and sorting them by their first name or last name. 

Parents can also look through all students in the class, receive notifications about upcoming events, and send messages with the help of the app. They will be able to look at their child's grades and behavior. The icon of a circle helps adults to understand how well their child worked on lessons. The “circle” is statistics, which is made by a teacher. An instructor can type positive or negative qualities, such as persistence or disrespectful behavior. And the statistics will be shown in percentage terms.

Students can also chat with each other with the help of this app. They will get a special DojoPoints, which shows how nice they have worked on a lesson. They can also lose them due to bad behavior or weak homework.

Usability 5/5

ClassDojo is a nice app, that works properly on PC, Android, and iOS. The settings won't be reseted in case you have switched platforms. The version of ClassDojo is the same for all devices and works without issues. Developers regularly improve this app and update it on all platforms this app is available. 

Compatibility 5/5

ClassDojo is available for iOS and Android platforms. The concept of the app remains the same. You will not see the big difference between the PC version and mobile version. ClassDojo works properly on each of these platforms, and it should not be hard to get used to the app if you use another platform.


ClassDojo is a nice and fun app, that will surely increase students' productivity. ClassDojo is a useful app, because it provides parents with all the necessary information about their child's diligence. Teachers can directly contact parents and children, they are also able to manage the class and control children's behavior. Students can compete with each other in getting more DojoPoints. It will surely inspire them to study harder. We recommend you to use ClassDojo due to its efficiency. 

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