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You probably know about Google Home smartbox that is designed to tell you the latest news, weather forecast and play music on demand. This application is eponymous, but it does slightly different things, and it’s not for home use only. Let’s take a look at its features!

Interface 5/5

Unsurprisingly, this application by Google looks quite the same to the rest of their products. It means that you don’t have to get accustomed to it or think long about any hidden features it has. Everything lies on the surface, and available in a few taps. Although you can add multiple applications to this smart-hub, it doesn’t mess the feed at all.

Features 4/5

That’s where the actual heat is! This utilitarian-looking tool hides a bunch of useful options for various purposes. Do you have any Google hardware like Chromecast, Chromecast Audio, Google Home, Android TV or any other devices which support Chromecast? If you do, this application is a must-have as it knows how to help you use each of these gadgets to the full. It has a convenient dashboard for displaying offers and possible actions to be done.

Unfortunately (but wisely), Home can’t access all apps without your permission. That’s why you have to link all your Netflix, Spotify, Pandora and other accounts manually. Do it once to enjoy voice access to almost any app you want. GH works in pair with Google Assistant, so you can expand your voice command list. Go to left-bar menu, tap “Things to Ask” and activate commands you really need. Keep in mind that Assistant requires clear pronunciation from you. Otherwise, it would probably misunderstand your command and send you to the browser.

By the way, GH browser is a great feature for finding something to watch. It works perfectly with YouTube, Netflix and other streaming services. Just scroll down the feed to find series, videos or news channel which fit your interest.

Other features are based on integrative apps, and the choice is extensive. Smart-dashboard suggests multiple extensions for Chromecast and Google Home hardware.

Usability 4/5

To be fair, GH pretends to be so heaped that it goes a bit distractive. Some suggestions don’t really relate to your authorised devices. It simply looks like advertising. The justification for that is full compatibility with Google domestic hardware. You can reboot and adjust devices remotely wherever you are.

Compatibility 5/5

Google Home’s destiny is targeted on a wide range of tasks to do on multiple devices. Today you can download it for Android, Chrome OS and iOS to receive an advanced hub for entertainment and productivity applications installed on your smartphone, Android-TV, Chromecast and Google Home hardware.


All in all, Google Home application is an entirely promising tool. It’s rather raw but aimed at great things, so to say. Today you can use it for Assistant adjustment, browsing for content and managing smart-home devices from a single application. It looks like the future of IoT is closer than ever!

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