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Call of Duty: Mobile review

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If you’ve ever enjoyed playing a video game, you’ve heard of Call of Duty. If you’ve ever enjoyed playing a mobile video game, the name Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (or PUBG Mobile) definitely sounds familiar to you. What if you were offered a spicy combination of the two ingredients? Activision, in collaboration with Tencent and Timi Studios, dared create that exciting combo and released it in the form of the Call of Duty: Mobile game in October 2019. It is now playable on both iPhone and Android.  

Graphics and Sound - 5/5

When it comes to the aspect of graphics and sound, Call of Duty: Mobile is such a treat. The visuals are second to none, but keep in mind that you will need a (rather expensive) high-end device to make the best out of this perk. While playing the game, you can even customize such parameters as lighting, smoke, shadows, personalizing the experience to suit your smartphone. 

Gameplay - 5/5

Call of Duty: Mobile boasts smooth-as-silk gameplay and well-executed maps. If you’re a new player on the hunt for an uncomplicated first-person shooter experience, the gameplay mode diversity and a boatload of customization possibilities might make you feel overpowered at first. However, once you get to grips with the main gameplay mechanics, Call of Duty: Mobile will grow on you and maybe even take your breath away.

Controls - 5/5

Theoretically speaking, the Call of Duty: Mobile controls are very simple and buttery smooth. The left controls are responsible for the legs, while the right controls focus on the head — something you’re already familiar with. One major distinction here is that you never fire the weapons yourself — it happens automatically upon putting the target on an approaching opponent. It can be sounds strange, but when you try it, you will realize how brilliantly this approach works.

Lasting Appeal - 5/5

On the whole, Call of Duty: Mobile has a powerful lasting appeal thanks to its excellent gameplay, impeccable graphics, the astonishing element of realism, and the highly impressive battle royale mode. The microtransactions might be a sticking point, but if you’re a die-hard CoD fan, you sure won’t be bothered by this subtle annoyance.

Difficulty Level 

The Call of Duty: Mobile game is incredibly easy. While making the most of the gameplay, you will discover that you’re hardly dying at all. If this below-average difficulty level ruins the fun for you, wait until you unlock ranked mode. That’s where you’ll play against real players (vs. bots) and enjoy putting your savviness through its paces.


Cutting to the chase, Call of Duty: Mobile is the biggest mobile game of the year and possibly even one of the best smartphone-friendly shooters ever. The developers have invested a lot of time and effort into this video game while monetizing it in a wise manner along the way. If you know the ropes about Call of Duty on PC, you’ll feel totally at home in terms of the mobile version. To cut a long story short, Call of Duty: Mobile is an awesome shooter for gaming fans looking to take their CoD experience to a whole new level of fun and convenience.

Graphics and Sound
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