The Most Noteworthy eBook Readers For iOS For Today

Well, being an active user of mobile devices, I really appreciate the possibility to spend spare time to good purpose reading interesting books, magazines, and other text content. Yes, I am fond of literature. So, I use any trips, rides, and waits to advantage investing in my own development. Of course, it is not always convenient to have a thick book with you and still if it takes a lot of hours to get somewhere, several books can be needed. It is clear that you cannot afford them if you do not want to make your luggage huge and heavy to lift. There is a solution -  software developed for book storage comes helpful.

Why Do We Like E-books?

In general, e-readers have plenty of advantages, though, someone may say that a real literature fan will not regard them as benefits. Still, this approach makes reading possible under almost any circumstances when your smartphone is not discharged, of course. With digital books, the things are speeded up. Thus, you can read more.

As to technical details, modern devices, even equipped with small screens compared to a format of a book, provide advanced display technologies which protect a reader from eyestrain. They are much easier to hold, you do not need to turn over the paper pages, and you can be sure the pages will not curve. You can concentrate on reading and forget about all those awkward moments. You can change the size of letters and control the settings in general. Moreover, usually, you get access to a digital dictionary and can use e-book with any lighting, even in total darkness.

Digital books are really such a perfect invention that they can be discussed endlessly. They are not beneficial for readers only but for authors, publishers, and software developers too. There are quite a lot of utilities allowing to store and read books. They offer various additional features that is why I suppose you will act wisely if you do not limit yourself and try several book-reading apps in order to choose the most suitable just for you. I am going just to give a cue and tell you which ones are popular right now.

Marvin 3

Though this app does not occupy the top place in App Store, still you should not write it off a list of the best e-reader software. I would regard it because of its versatility. The third generation is packed with useful options like reading ebooks in epub,cbx, cbr formats syncing them via Dropbox and iCloud. There are several versions with various sets of features. In premium one you can change a font, page format, apply something like night mode. You can customize the commands which you usually use while reading, like translation, sharing on social media and in other ways, preset integration to Wikipedia, for instance. The app continues to offer upgrades. Here only premium version is chargeable, all other ones are free. Now fairness requires me to represent the winners topping the rating of App Store.


Kindle is icing on the cake. This app can do whatever an e-reader wants. At least, you will get access to the endless list of features it includes. Changing color of a page, adjusting font, highlighting, making notes, choosing brightness of the screen – that’s a given. Plus, you can apply X-Ray reference tool and Page Flip in-book navigation. It is really very easy to find needed pages in any book tapping a screen just a couple of times. There are library management options. You can look for the book in the Kindle store. Synchronization is available. In addition, you can upload a Kindle Unlimited program providing access to audiobooks for a monthly fee. The application itself is free. Enjoy the whole world here! Besides, when you start using this utility, it kindly asks about your favorite genres and suggests you rate titles. This information will be used for choosing new books for you in the future. The app is constantly upgraded.


iBooks works without any problems with iOS. You will be surprised that it is so easy to download e-books. The app has its own the iBooks Store, full of the latest bestsellers and classics. It is available twenty-four-hours. All that you should do is to browse a library, tap a book to open it, and swipe or tap to turn over a page. You can make bookmarks or notes, share quotes with anyone on social media or Mail. Moreover, you can print notes and other PDF documents and notes directly from iBooks, arrange the books in accordance with your preferences creating collections, update the saved material with help of iCloud.

You hardly can miss this app as far as it is pre-installed on any iPad. Anyway, it can be found easily at the App Store.

Google Play Books

Probably, it is Google Play Books, which provides a reader with the widest set of features meeting his reading needs. This is a real big name in this segment. You are not required to register, just download the app and customize such things as font, its size, line space, making it more convenient for reading at night or just in the dark. There is a built-in dictionary. You can search for a book using a map and apply the features making the experience even fun and not only useful. In order to download books you are expected to use the browser. The interface is relatively simple, and here you will find all the options which a regular reader usually requires. There is no need to list them now.


For those who read books online within this Internet community, which unites readers and writers, the developers released Wattpad for iPhone with familiar features. The app is rather popular not only due to its useful options but also because of its really unique user-generated content. Here you can find short stories, novels, essays, and poetry which are in the manner of Joe Bloggs, I would say. If you admire J.K. Rowling, perhaps this app is not the best one for you. Though, it does not mean that there are restrictions. The choice of authors and genres is wide indeed, but the accent is just as I have mentioned – a lot of fiction. The app is free, and you have access to the library 24/7. The interface is very simple.


All booklovers are welcomed to use Kobo’s reading app. The developer is in Toronto. It has managed to provide over 5 mln titles to choose from. The catalogue impresses really. The bestsellers and classics are available in variety. You will certainly enjoy the adventure! As to the features, I would say the utility is convenient enough. It allows continuing reading just where you left off, and yet it is able to sync the notes and bookmarks made by a reader that is why you will see the same picture entering this app from any device. You are allowed to add books to your Library using the web, email and share your thoughts, book reviews to Facebook where everybody can comment on them.


This is another version of the online service. You will be delighted to use the application for mobile devices if you are registered on the correspondent website. In this case, Goodreads can be considered as the most complete book sharing utility. Here you can search content, download it from a catalog including about 2000 books available for free. If you do not want to have all those innovative technologies and plenty of additional features, you will be satisfied with this application. And there is an advantage – it allows a reader to share any information about the book he has read.


As you see, the choice is large, and that is not the whole list of the products which can be noteworthy. I have described only the most popular with the users currently. You can choose judging the interface, convenience of search and other additional options which do matter for you. Hope, that my guide will help to get a kind of awareness of the existing e-reading applications.