Chargeable iPhone apps Which Can Be Bought for Free

You know what? I have noticed that a lot of my friends who use devices with Androids went for the iPhone. It is interesting because when they bought their phones, they did it with open eyes being sure in their choice. When I asked about the reason, the answer was rather unexpected as to me. And that is not about the fact that iOS is constantly updated or about highly reliable software with perfect performance. No! They want to get access to iPhone applications. Can you imagine that?! And I have to agree that there are the products in AppStore which are really useful and ease life a lot.

Why Are iPhone Apps Better Compared to Android Apps?

Apple fans are always excited about any fresh product intended for mobile devices. Moreover, there are days when the paid utilities are available for free. If you are lucky to dash for such deals, you can download the real prize. But I do not think that these two points – latest releases and sales - are winning reasons for iPhone Apps to be the most popular.

If truth be told, both iOS and Android offer plenty of applications available in their stores. It is obvious that these two brands are the key competitors in the market. Though, developers prefer to create the software for iPhones first. How comes it? I do not know. The fact remains. Just check history. Instagram became available on Android only in two years after it was launched for iPhone. Such popular game as Super Mario Run appeared here only in several months after I played it first on iPhone. And these are only a couple of examples which confirm view. That is why if you want to be among groundbreakers, you should use the iPhone and watch the news trying not to miss the limited period offerings which afford a chance to get chargeless but useful applications.

I think that the things may well change at the nearest future, but right now I would prefer the iPhone with those perfect utilities for everyday use. Just look at my list of the apps which are offered for free.

Ruler – tape measure length

This is rather helpful software, and I have used it rather often. Though I paid $0.99 to download it, sometimes it is suggested without charge. Just imagine you can measure the length of any object with a digital ruler. This is possible thanks to AR technology which works with the camera of the smartphone. There are some features like appliance of colors to separate various measures. You can measure very long areas applying the option perimeter measure ruler showing several lines covering the perimeter form the first point to last.

Voice Changer

Voice Changer usually costs $1.99. The app is able to modify your voice making it high or deep. I promise you will have fun over phone calls. It allows appliance of various effects like changing the voice during a talk at any moment, switching on the voices of cartoon characters, birthday songs and phrased pronounced in foreign languages. You can record your voice and share it with your friends. In order to use this software, you should have a stable Internet connection.

Taps: Beautifully Simple

To use this app, you are expected to pay $1.99, if it is not offered for free. This is a puzzle with a lovely soundtrack. It helps you to kill your time when you get a long waiting or driving ahead. Moreover, it develops your strategy skills. There are four styles of play, various modes, and 400 campaign levels. You will hardly feel boring with this game. Choose the level of difficulty and enjoy. If you do not want to depend on a timer, you can disable it and play focusing on the result without time limits. In order to adjust the software to your preferences, you can apply a classic view with two grids or a new one with a single grid. It allows you to compare the results to your own previous ones and to the success of your friends.

Piku Piku – Make Gifs & Videos

The normal price of this application is $1.99. It is developed for making the best selfies and short messages with motions. The software allows creating and sharing the animated GIF files or repeating videos. Recordings are limited to several seconds which are quite enough. All that you need is the camera of the iPhone. All that you are expected to do is to tap a shutter button only single time and select what should be recorded: video or GIF. The other tasks will be performed by Piku Piku. Though, you can improve the quality of the result. Apply live filters to process the material in real time, choose orientation in order to make landscape or portrait, set the timer for one of the existing periods to catch the exact moment. It can shoot in the dark involving the camera flash. There is an option of switching between rear and front camera. The files are saved to your camera catalogue and can be easily found at any moment.

Sleep Sounds: relaxing sounds

Let’s start with the price again in order to understand how much you can save if there is a special offer. So normally it costs $1.99 and offers sounds recorded all over the world. The records are made with high-quality equipment, and you will appreciate sounding even if you are not a severe musical critic. There are some helpful features in addition here. You can apply auto-off timer and alarm clock which will never fail. Enjoy various music boxes. The developer offers to listen to morning forest and tropical jungle. If you like rain, you get these marvelous noises in variants: under the umbrella, at the window, or on the city street. There is cat purring, the sound of the Moscow subway or London train station. Lots of ideas.

dB meter

If you are lucky to find it free, you will save $2.99. This is a rather accurate decibel meter being well calibrated with a professional tool. So, you’ll get the exact result if you try it for measuring various noises or SPL levels. The utility shows the current average and peak performances. The average and absolute maximum SPL level can also be measured. You are offered to watch graph histograms. In the settings, there are the tools which can be applied to change the elements. It is possible to save all the measurements.

Skywall Pro – HD+ Wallpapers

This app is a little bit more expensive compared to the above ones. Its usual price is $3.99. But it is really worth the cost and, of course, you will be lucky if you manage to get it free. The application offers wallpapers suited to every fancy. The pictures are made by the Skywall team. So, you will not find analogues over the Internet. They are original and developed particularly for iPhones without any doubt. The interface is easy and very attractive. The design is really stunning. Enjoy! You can upload a lot of photos and save them in Cloud – the service is free, as you know. You are suggested to look through the assortment every day as far as new threats are published. The user has an opportunity to send his own works to integrate them into the app.


In the App Store, you can find even more interesting apps fitting your needs. I have chosen those which, I suppose, are really cool and useful, and which are offered for free now. Do not forget that those special offers last for a limited period of time that is why I would recommend to look through the store daily or at least on a regular basis if you want to make your everyday life simple, to speed up a lot of activities and just to be aware of the recent developments. As I have mentioned at the beginning of this article, Apple manages to keep developers going to make the hot apps for them first.