The Ultimate Legends of Runeterra Guide

Although Legends of Runeterra was released at the end of January this year and is still in beta, gamers talk a lot about this game. Why? What’s so special about it? In fact, answering this question is very difficult, as each player is attracted to it by different things: someone is captivated by the graphics, while others can spend hours on the gameplay. Whatever it is, you are here, which means you are interested in learning all the intricacies and pitfalls of passing Legends of Runeterra. Let’s get started!

What There Is to Know

If you have already played the game and read a lot about its gameplay and history, feel free to skip this section. For others, we think it is important to take a step back and talk a little bit more about the general characteristics of the game, its developer, and development history.

Legends of Runeterra belongs to a digital collectible card genre. The game was released on 24 January by Riot Games. It is now available for playing on Microsoft Windows in open beta, and on Android. The developers plan to release the mobile game’s version for iOS too. What’s interesting about Runeterra is that the events happen in the same universe as League of Legends, another title by Riot but in the multiplayer online battle arena genre. If you are a fan of Legends, most likely, you will love Runeterra!

The Runeterra gameplay is pretty simple. All battles are set in the one-on-one regime where each player starts with the randomly selected four cards. Cards, in turn, are divided into three types: Champions (the most powerful), Followers, and Spells. Players can attack or defend with the card. So, now is the time to move from theory to practice and reveal a couple of not-so-obvious secrets and moves.

How Can I Get Into Beta?

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As we mentioned above, Legends of Runeterra is in the open beta stage. It means that the developers are actively improving the game and publish new updates. Commonly, open beta is not a stable version, therefore, you can’t just download the game from the store. It is the case of Runeterra. To install the game, you need to sign up for this at first. Moreover, if you pre-registered for the game before, you will get a special Moonstruck Poro avatar.

The next step is creating the account on this website. It will take a couple of minutes: all you need to do is to enter an e-mail. After that, you are allowed to download and install the game. But it is not a quest finish. Once you installed and opened Runeterra, you will be asked to log in. And then, you need to wait while Riot approves your account and unblocks the game.

Deckbuilding Tips

  1. Do you know that some regions are more powerful when you combine them with other certain regions? Therefore, we advise you to experiment with the combinations while unlocking the pre-constructed decks. It is still difficult to name the exact and powerful combinations of regions because the game was released a couple of weeks ago, and we are still continuing to experiment. But it’s a sure fact there is a connection!
  2. Prepare yourself for battle. The surest way to do this is to test your set of cards while playing with AI. This way you can identify your weaknesses and adjust the deck.
  3. Do not be afraid of online battles! Remember that all cards are bought with crystals. And you can get them only by playing online battles as well as other bonuses. 
  4. We highly recommend you to use the cards you have already unlocked to complete the deck, and only after that, spend Wildcards. 

How to Gain the XP in Runeterra Weekly Vault?

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Runeterra’s weekly vault is the reward that opens every Tuesday. But to get the most from it, you need to gain as many XPs as possible during the week. Here are some secrets to do it:

  • Complete the Runeterra tutorials. Some players skip them, but do you know that every successful completion will give you a small amount of XPs?
  • Do not forget about daily quests. It the best way to gain XP quickly!
  • Faced difficult Daily Quest? Do not skip it, we recommend you  to use one of your two rerolls to change it.
  • Make sure you pass PvP matches. Even if you lose them, you can still get XP for participation.

Playing Tips

  1. Do not reveal the most powerful cards in the first attacks. Our strong recommendation is to keep them for the second part of the battle.
  2. If you noticed that your opponent owns spell mana, be ready to change your plans because these cards are unpredictable.
  3. As you know, you can’t see the cards of your opponent just as they can’t see yours. Or can they? Actually, you can if you return the card to a competitor’s hand or open it in another way.
  4. In the upper left corner, there is a log of all actions. Do not neglect it because this is a great way to understand what has already been played and what remains in the hands of the enemy.
  5. Remember that Nexus is your powerful resource. You can sacrifice it to defend the units.

Expedition Tips

Legends of Runeterra picture 3

Legends of Runeterra has so-called Expeditions that can give you extra bonuses, experience, and earnings. Here are some tips that can help you to pass them successfully:

  • Do not forget about the synergy, keep notes on what cards you took to create the most powerful combinations.
  • Remember that in Expeditions, you can have more than three copies of one card in a draft deck, therefore, do not be afraid to take Glimpse Beyond if you noticed it.
  • It is much harder to predict the cards in the draft deck because they are more randomly selected compared to constructed ones. Use this knowledge.
  • Players can trade the card after certain matches. We think it is a powerful feature that can influence battles.
  • It is important not to be scared and play the battles as well as you play Expeditions. The developers made everything to encourage you. Therefore, even if you are not sure that you can win the game, go to Expedition anyway. Remember, that each player has two runs in Expedition.

You Secrets?

In this article, we share some secrets of how to play Legends of Reneterra. Now we ask you to write down your tips and tricks you have already used in the game. Share them in the comments below.