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Amazon Alexa review

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Amazon Alexa is a supporting app for Echo devices, which are compatible with Amazon Alexa. With its help, you will be able to control the device, check trending news, play music, create different to-do and shopping list. But the primary objective of Amazon Alexa is to setup and configure your gadget.

Interface 5/5

The first thing you will see after you started the app is the main menu. It has many useful sections, for example, it shows the current information, such as date, weather information, trending news, skills, “Continue listening” section, and to-do list. The navigation in the app is pretty straightforward, and it won't be hard to use it. At the bottom, you will see the column with a few icons. These are the features of the app. The design of Amazon Alexa app is dark blue. All the icons are highlighted, so you will surely notice them.

Features 5/5

First of all, you can try to speak with Alexa and give her some voice commands. You can ask her to play some music or to make a to-do list. You can tap the icon and go to the communication section. There you will see different messages and calls, which were sent from another Alexa contact. You can also ask Alexa to play the received message or send your own one. To do that you have to say “Alexa, send a text message”. 

The middle button in the column allows you to speak with Alexa if you do not have any Alexa Gadgets. Before you start talking, there is an instruction, which helps you to understand how the app works. The next icon allows you to listen to music. You can see the recently played tracks, browse for music, and ask Alexa to play radio. By pushing the last icon, you will have access to all Amazon devices. You can create different groups there and monitor the devices' status. You can name the group “Living Room” and add there all the plugs, lights, and other devices, which are located in the mentioned room. Sorting your gadgets in such a way will surely help you to control them better.

The app also has the SKILLS section, which allows you to control and monitor every skill of your device. For more information, you can always tap the HELP button. In this section, you will find all the instructions for the app.

Usability 5/5

The application works perfectly. First of all, it helps you to setup your Echo device properly. You also get various features, which help you to control your gadgets and as a bonus allows you to listen to music and create different to-do and shopping lists. Sometimes it may be useful. The app works smoothly with no crashes or configuration resets.

Compatibility 5/5

Amazon Alexa is available for download on iOS and Android devices. The application will perfectly work on any of these platforms. The setup and features remain the same, so it won't be hard to adapt to the app in case you have switched the platforms.


Amazon Alexa is a great app. You will surely need it if you are the owner of the Echo device. The application will help you to configure your Echo speaker, so it could function properly. You will be able to sort different devices into groups and control them easily. We surely recommend you to use this app.

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