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Adobe Acrobat Reader review

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This PDF reader is an essential tool for those users who need an effective tool for viewing, editing and sharing documents on the go. The good thing is that it is created by Adobe, because they are the actual inventors of PDF (Portable Document Format) that may include texts, images and more. Let’s take a look at the latest version of their app for iOS and Android.

Interface 5/5

The word “professional” matches this interface the best. However, it’s not as complicated as desktop versions of Adobe software, and provides extremely intuitive experience of pro-tools usage. Instrument boards are fully automated and pop-up only when you need them. All feature tabs are available via the slide-away menu bar. Document editing and viewing is available in both landscape and portrait modes. For more convenience, you can use Apple Pencil or other compatible styluses.

Features 5/5

The most basic Acrobat feature is viewing of PDFs. Unlike the vast majority of similar apps, it allows you to scale and rotate docs without even minor bugs and freezes. At the same time, you can comment anything under each page. Be sure that your contributors receive edits as they get notifications immediately. Collaboration in Acrobat Reader looks quite similar to Google Docs. It means that an unlimited number of users may work on one document via a convenient chatboard. Commenting is complemented with highlighting tools, such as colored markers and sticky notes.

When you are done with reviewing PDFs and commenting drawbacks, send documents to any connected printer or switch to export. This tab provides a wide range of PDF converting options that you can export into RTF, Word, Excell and PowerPoint. Don’t worry about properties. Acrobat saves sequences and sizes of objects.

Adobe decided to outshine CamScanner and provide integration of Adobe Scanner. It allows you to scan any documents and business-cards to edit or share them. The quality of capturing is high enough. Texts become readable enough even in low light conditions.

Next remarkable integration is Adobe Fill & Sign. This feature is a real breakthrough, because it allows you to receive documents which need your real signature and handwritten fills. Unfortunately, it’s very uncomfortable to write with a finger, so a stylus is necessary.

Usability 5/5

Fortunately, Adobe rethought their user interface design of mobile applications, so you definitely won’t face any usability problems. However, those users who don’t really know what PDF is, and how to deal with it can get by intuitively. If something appears to be unclear, you can look for an answer in the help menu.

Compatibility 5/5

Of course, Acrobat Reader is available for iOS and Android, but was originally made for the desktop. Fortunately, the mobile version is fully compatible with desktop, and you can edit and share documents between all platforms.


Adobe Acrobat Reader is a superb implementation of the classical PDF reader-editor for smartphones. Last updates include modern features, such as scanning, fill & sign, cloud compatibility (in-app free cloud + third-party) and unique co-op contributing. Acrobat Charmes with smooth performance and uncomplicated controls.

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