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WhatsApp Messenger review

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Instant messaging is the most used feature on any web-compatible device. The hero of this review is WhatsApp Messenger that proved to be one of the best. Its user-base totals more than 1 billion people around the globe. Messages, media sharing and calls - you can use these features without any limitations!

Interface 5/5

WhatsApp interface fairly deserves to be called classical for messaging applications. Being compatible with almost any old and new smartphone, this app perfectly fits screens of any size and resolution. It has two main areas, such as the chat list and chat board. The second one provides a wide range of custom background for you to apply them to chats that need to be different from others. Android and iOS version control elements are almost similar. They differ in just a few places.

Features 5/5

This must-have app provides a rapid service for exchanging instant messages. Unlike some of the less popular apps like Viber, it uses only encrypted channels of communication. It means that no one is able to intercept a code and read it as a decryption tool is unique for each authorised application. This technology is called end-to-end encryption. This mechanism is the safest for 1:1 and group chats.

Free calls and messages are available for WhatsApp users only, but you can easily dial someone who is offline with the corresponding option. Media exchange is also ultimately fast, especially comparing to Viber. Uploading time may differ if you use Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G, but processing algorithms show to be from 15% to 20% quicker on all devices.

Sharing options also allow sending any types of documents, contact-cards and location tags to be transferred to a map.

In early 2018 WhatsApp became the killer of Skype due to new video call feature. It’s fair to say that this feature is not new, but guys from WhatsApp Inc. managed to develop encrypted broadcast channels of extremely high throughput. Perhaps, you faced critical call fails with Skype and Viber (fails almost every day). WhatsApp doesn’t fail in about 95% of calls. That is a great index!

Usability 5/5

As was mentioned, this messenger has two main screens for chat-list and chatboard. Every feature is accessible in 1-2 taps. It’s easier than making a coffee! You don’t even have to add contacts manually. Everyone you need is added to the app automatically due to smart user database.

Compatibility 5/5

WhatsApp application is available for entirely all mobile operating systems. Android, iOS and Windows are supported, but Windows 10 Mobile retires in December 2019. Surprisingly, it runs even on old versions of OS, such as iOS 9.3.5 and Android 4.4. To use WhatsApp for free you have to message other users, but you can also direct texts and images via SMS and MMS.


WhatsApp Messenger is not a pioneer in video calls and instant file exchanging, but it provides the most secure channels with end-to-end encryption. Moreover, processing in WhatsApp is the fastest on the market. It has all features of a modern instant messaging app plus the speed, so it’s obviously a wise choice.

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