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VIZIO SmartCast™ review

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Turn your mobile device into a remote and control your digital content with the help of the VizioSmartCast app. Browse, find, and play all your favorite movies, shows, and live streams on your VizioSmartCast device. You can even use voice commands to find and bookmark your favorite content.

Interface 4/5

Unlike most digital remotes, the VizioSmartCast app brings a subtle and clean design and interface for you to efficiently control your connected devices. With simple tap and swipe controls, you can easily browse through various titles and select the ones you want to watch. The app is bright and the text used is extremely crisp. There are distinct tabs or buttons for power, settings, favorites, bookmarks, and other such options.

Features 4/5

With the VizioSmartCast app, you have complete control over connected devices and the digital content within it. You can setup your VizioSmartCast Home Theater Display and your VizioSmartCast audio devices and connect and cast your favorite content to them through the app. The VizioSmartCast app lets you browse through hundreds of apps to find your favorite movies, TV shows, music, complete seasons, and so much more - all in one place. Don't want to type and search? The app brings a powerful voice search through which you can find your favorite media by simply searching for the actor, genre, artist, and such keywords. The VizioSmartCast app will help you organize your saved content into separate folders called Watchlists and Collections. You can even set reminders to get notifications when new episodes or movies are released. With Google Cast integrated into the app, you can cast all your entertainment onto the connected display or TV directly from the smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Usability 5/5

The VizioSmartCast app is extremely easy to use and is considered to be one of the best digital media casting apps available online. With its impressively simplistic design and basic yet powerful features, you can have complete control over your songs, movies, TV shows, episodes, and everything else that is sent from your device to the screen on which it is cast on. The controls are also quite standard and deliver the appropriate functions with instant responsiveness. Whether you're adjusting the settings, customizing your queued collection, or browsing and playing your favorites, all it takes is a single tap to get started. Stuck in the kitchen and want to change the music track playing in the living room? Not a problem with the VizioSmartCast app. You can control your entire media centre from anywhere in the house. You can even download and save movies and TV shows and watch them later through the app itself.

Compatibility 5/5

In terms of compatibility, the VizioSmartCast app is compatible smartphones, laptops, and tablets. The app is supported on devices that run Android, iOS and Windows operating systems but needs certain requirements in order to function properly.


One of the fastest and most intuitive casting apps available, the VizioSmartCast stands out for all the right reasons - and then some. It is an essential part of any smart home and helps living the modern life even easier and more sustainable. With the VizioSmartCast app, you can seize control over all the digital media that plays in your home. Whether its movies or cartoons, you have complete control - so long as you have your connected device with you.

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