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This application is designed for instant messaging in an entertainment key, and it truly has no analogs on the market of mobile apps. Any message you send is being deleted after a very short period of time leaving no trace. Such an extraordinary approach to communication made Snapchat extremely popular with young people. Let’s find out what makes this app so magically attractive.

Interface 5/5

This user interface deserves to be called excellent due to its unusualness and brightness. Psychologists say that yellow color is associated with fun and youth. Bingo! The feeling of celebration is also supported with various comic elements and cartoonish avatars for you and your friends. This app is a perfect example of proper targeting. You enter it and understand what is what immediately.

Features 5/5

Originally, Snapchat was designed for instant exchanging of short-living photos. Today it has a big bunch of other exciting features. Let’s go one by one.

To start from scratch you have to create yourself a Bitmoji avatar in a simple character editor. Choose clothes, skin tone, face, eyes, lips, haircuts and go on to the society.

You can chat with other users privately with texts, audios and videos. You can also broadcast yourself with live streaming feature to communicate with an unlimited number of subscribers. And don’t forget about Lenses! This AR feature can make you look different all the time. Just swipe left-right in the camera mode and choose your favourite looks.

Are you having a thrilling busy day? That’s great, because you can capture the whole story in parts to show the whole picture of the day to your friends and fans without the need to be online all the time.

Instant messaging in Snapchat deserves a scientific research. It’s the only app where people send each other photos which are being deleted automatically after a single watch. When you receive a photo or a short video, you are supposed to reply with a similar tiny piece of art. If you like what you see so much you don’t want to lose it, just take a screenshot or record your screen.

Bored with chatting? Check out the “discover” tab to read short articles by the leading youth publishers like Buzzfeed.

Another unique feature is called Snap Map. It is an ordinary Google-powered app of the world, but you can see your Bitmoji avatar on it along with all your friends. This feature may cause some pleasant accidental meetings. If you want to stay anonymous, just switch the “ghost mode” on in settings menu.

Usability 4/5

It’s madness, but Snapchat updates almost every day bringing changes to most features. Of course, the main menu remains more or less untouched, but you may be easily distracted by the rapid pace of this app’s life.

Compatibility 5/5

This app is designed to be used on smartphones only. It is available on iOS and Android devices, and it doesn’t need any extensions for desktop.


All in all, Snapchat is a totally unique application for youth communication. It is endowed with a huge list of modes for recording funny videos, stories, sketches and live streams. Download it and try to gather the biggest fanbase!

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