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Samsung Smart Switch Mobile review

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Got a new Samsung Galaxy device? That’s smart. But transferring data from your old phone to the Galaxy device manually is not! Let Samsung Smart Switch Mobile app make the data transfer work for you a seamless and quick affair.

Interface 5/5

The design and interface of the Samsung Smart Switch are clutter-free and quite easy to understand. The app displays quick and easy options for the users to select. In case, a user wishes to transfer data via a USB cable, the app has an image tutorial for the same. The transfer panel is colorful and boasts of vector icons depicting contacts, messages, memo, calendar, etc. Post-transfer window is elegant as well owing to the big callouts, clear and crisp content.

Features 5/5

The core feature of the Samsung Smart Switch is to ensure that the transfer of data to your Galaxy device takes place without any sort of hassle. However, there are many other functionalities that aid to make the same process seamless.

One can transfer data to the Galaxy device by pairing it with another device through Wi-Fi. In case, one does not wish to use this feature, there is a USB feature integrated into the app as well. One can connect the Samsung Galaxy to another device with the help of a USB cable and start transferring the data. Thus, one can see that the app entirely eliminates the use of a personal computer or a laptop.

Another great feature of the app is the selection feature. With this feature, you can either transfer all your data in one go or have selected data transferred to your Galaxy phone. Also, before you hit the transfer button, the app shows you the estimated time which is quite useful.

Usability 5/5

This is one such app which is used by a majority of people to transfer data to their Galaxy device. Because it comes from the manufacturer (Samsung) itself, the credibility and reliability of the app increases by leaps and bounds.

Whether one has an Android phone, Apple iPhone or phones that are powered by Blackberry or Windows, the app lets you transfer data from everywhere to your Galaxy device. Also, the transfer power of the app is not just limited to phones but goes well beyond the realms of that. One can use the app to transfer data to Galaxy S7, S8, Note8, etc. from Android tabs, Android Phablets, iPad, iCloud, PC, Mac, etc.

So, be it contacts, calendar, messages, photos, music, videos, call logs, memos, alarm, wallpapers, documents or app data, transfer everything without any worry of data leak or privacy breach.

Compatibility 5/5

The app is compatible with a plethora of devices that are powered by operating systems such as Android, Blackberry, iOS, and Windows.


Make the data transfer to your Galaxy device a breeze with this amazing Samsung Smart Switch Mobile application. The transfer with this app is quick and cent percent secured. Whether you wish to transfer data over a wireless network or through USB, the application supports all. Thus, if you have got a Galaxy phone and you wish to transfer your contacts, documents, SMS, app data, and other documents to it from your old phone, do it with the epitome of reliability - Samsung Smart Switch Mobile. 

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