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Pokémon GO review

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This game has become a cultural phenomenon. In its early days, it made people flock to specific areas like birds to the seeds. The main goal, of course, is to catch all the Pokemon, but don’t expect that it’s going to be easy as you’ll have to travel and interact with other gamers a lot.

Graphics and Sound 4/5

Graphics are hard to criticize as the game uses the surrounding real-world locations. Most of the time, however, you’ll spend staring at the map and going after markers while occasionally there will appear 3D Pokemon. The whole interface is pretty clean and full of bright colors, which looks great on the smartphone’s screen.

Sounds in the game are pleasant, although, don’t expect to hear original Pokemon cries. Those are replaced by resembling MIDI synthesized voices which are Ok, but not bring that nostalgic feel.

Gameplay 5/5

The game uses augmented reality, so all Pokemon are hidden somewhere in the surrounding world. Maps in the game are pretty similar to Google Maps, and you’ll have to explore them a lot. When catching new Pokemon, it’s up to you whether you want to evolve them by raising their levels or keep on searching for others. Another important aspect of gameplay is going to be gyms capturing. Those should be preserved in your team’s hands as long as possible before someone else gets it. The fact that this game makes people go out, explore and socialize is what makes it so different and unique.

A lot of great features have also been added lately: from in-game events caused by real weather surrounding you to PvP and trading. Weather now plays an essential role as it affects which Pokemon will spawn around. Some types are more likely to appear during the sunny day, while others like snow or fog. Not to forget to mention that it’s now possible to trade Pokemon with your friends so building up a big friends list would only be an advantage.

Controls 5/5

To walk in-game player must walk in the real world. That’s the only way to control your character and find new creatures. When catching a Pokemon or fighting though you’ll have to actively tap or swipe. Controls are easy and understandable for new players. If you want even deeper experience, you can purchase Pokemon Go Plus gadget, which Niantic sales separately.

Lasting Appeal 5/5

The amount of Pokemon, which can be captured, is tremendous. With nearly 500 different types of game assures that you will come back again and again. Few creatures are super rare, and some of them can be found exclusively in Europe, America or Australia, so if you’ve set a goal to “catch ‘em all”, a fantastic journey awaits you.

Difficulty Level

Capturing Pokemon is not hard at all. They appear on the map when in proximity to your current location. The game indicates that Pokemon is nearby by rustling grass and enabling the camera to show it in AR. At this point, it depends on whether the Pokemon has a green, yellow or red ring over it. First are easy to capture while red might dodge, fight and even break out of your Poke ball. Therefore, most of the Pokemon won’t be hard to capture, although some of them require skills and experience.


Pokemon Go is a fantastic experience with beautiful graphics and revolutionary gameplay, which is based on the surrounding world. Capturing these creatures from childhood brings beautiful memories and helps to get to know better the world around you.

Graphics and Sound
Lasting Appeal
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