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Microsoft PowerPoint review

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Microsoft PowerPoint is an app that helps you to swiftly make presentations. Here you can select the background of your presentation and use features of the app to get a better result. The app was released on iOS not so long time ago, but it became popular in a short time. Many people have rapidly downloaded it due to its efficiency.

Interface 5/5

It is pretty easy to understand how the interface works and where are all the buttons. First, you have to realize which presentation you want to use. You can create a new file, open the existing one or just search among the last opened. All the icons are understandable, and it won't be hard to select the needed column.

Features 5/5

Microsoft PowerPoint has many different features that are associated with creating presentations and adding various videos and images to them. First, the user is able to choose the background and style, in which he wants to make a presentation. You can create a beautiful title and decorate it in many ways because developers provided their users with various decoration possibilities, such as changing the font, background, choosing the design of your slides, and picking up the animation of appearing slides.

In Microsoft PowerPoint user can add multiple videos to the presentation, play them, and edit them. However, you can upload only those files, that are stored locally on the device. There is also an opportunity to remove all the files that you have recently added. You can play different audio files in Microsoft PowerPoint, such as mp3 and wav. However, you are not able to change the soundtrack. You can also customize the slide transition and the slide animation, remove or rearrange them. For more details, you can tap the HELP button.

Usability 5/5

Microsoft PowerPoint is a great app that corresponds to the information we were told. It perfectly works on the iPhone and other iOS devices. Moreover, the application is available for download on Android and Windows. It is similar on each platforms. Bugs and glitches should not occur because developers improve this app regularly. 

Compatibility 5/5

Microsoft PowerPoint helps you to swiftly make a presentation on your device and then send it to another gadget. The app is free to download, so you can use it on any platform you wish. Sometimes it may be useful. You can do a few slides on your iPhone and then finish your presentation on the computer. User can also send the presentation file from iOS to Android and vice versa.


Microsoft PowerPoint is an app for those, who need to do a quick and quality presentation. Download this application for free and use it on any platform you wish. Developers added a great number of interesting features, which are going to help you in creating your own presentation. You can customize the background, change the style of the slides, add different music and video files. We surely recommend you to use Microsoft PowerPoint because of its reliability and workability.

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