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This year Facebook Messenger celebrates its 5th birthday! Today it has over 700 million users. Facebook has founded this instant messenger, to separate communication from their main Facebook application. It is not as feature-heaped as Telegram, Viber and Whatsapp, but it obviously has some unique features. I just can’t put them on a single line. Let’s figure out what is so great about it!

Interface 4/5

Facebook Messenger looks exactly like the vast majority of similar communication apps. It has 6 tabs for Calls, Recent Calls, Groups, People and Settings. Each contact from your list has two buttons for audio and video calls. A single tap brings you to a chat with a chosen person. Chats are also similar to any other. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to change backgrounds for each chat individually. Actually, FM interface is rather simple and intuitive, but it certainly lacks something recognizable and unique.

Features 4/5

It’s quite clear that Facebook Messenger provides such features as audio and video calls mixed with instant text messages. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to delete any of accidentally sended messages. Even if you manage to delete it in a second, it will reach the target.  Although it is completely free, you won’t see any advertisements.

Video calls are quite good, but they are not even close to the best quality of sound and image, so there’s no reason to use it for calls only.

The next very handy tool is for creating groups of 3 and more people. Don’t worry about missing a call from them. Notifications about these issues will pop-up until you recall or deny them.

Each chat includes such features as text typing, image attachment or photo taking, voice recording and a thumb-up gesture to congratulate your interlocutor. Emojis deserve special attention as there are two types of them - simple emoji and stickers. You are free to buy additional stickers, but the default set is pretty good.

Usability 4/5

Facebook Messenger is a simple in use utilitarian application, that doesn’t have any distinctive features. It is fully intuitive and doesn’t require any special experience or knowledge from users. Luckily, you have to adjust it just once and forget about settings forever.

Compatibility 5/5

Facebook Messenger is available for all major platforms, such as iOS, Android, Mac OS X and Windows 10. Due to this, you are free to use it for domestic dialogues, group chats with friends and colleagues or even for business conversations. This app uses end-to-end encryption, so you don’t have to worry about important data leakage.


Technically Facebook Messenger is not the best on the market. It provides average quality of audio and video calls, poor appearance customization, and overall vague experience. On the other hand, this app has one of the biggest user communities among other instant messengers. In addition to that, it’s a supplementing part of Facebook social network app that doesn’t support messaging at all since 2014.

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