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imo free video calls and chat review

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Imo is a rather fameless instant messenger, but I think that it deserves a review due to some great features. It can do anything a messenger should be able to do and does it with remarkably fine performance and output quality. Let’s take a closer look at features of this dark horse with a catchy nickname.

Interface 4/5

This messaging app’s interface is as simple as possible. It actually copies WhatsApp’s design and provides two main screens, such as contact list and a chatboard. Using contact list, you can access audio and video calls and, of course, chats. However, you should be attentive not to tap the call button accidentally. There’s also a slide bar that provides access to settings and help.

Features 3/5

Similarly to other applications of this field, Imo provides unlimited free texting and calls. It’s important to highlight the quality of calls. Audio calls have the same quality as WhatsApp, so it doesn’t cause any complaints. Video quality is even better. Somehow, Imo developers managed to create encryption algorithms which transmit signal without any critical compression. If you want to see a sharp image, use Imo and be happy. It doesn’t really differ from WhatsApp, but it’s several times better than Viber.

Although Imo is completely free, it doesn’t have as many users as WhatsApp and Viber do. Free stickers and free group chats make me ask a simple question. Where do developers of Imo take money for security measures on their services? App description on mobile app markets says that it uses end-to-end encryption, but it’s impossible to check. User community of this messenger doesn’t report about any leaks, so probably the company doesn’t lie. Anyway, the lack of transparency is a bit annoying.

Unlike other apps, Imo has a feature that allows other users to see your profile in their friends’ lists of contacts. It’s up to you to decide whether it is good or bad, but it obviously lets people you don’t know to message you without any invitations.  

Usability 3/5

As I’ve already mentioned, you can accidentally call someone from the contact list. It’s certainly uncomfortable. Another drawback goes to the chat space. Sticker option is also not very well-worked. Time after time you will touch stickers you don’t want to send. It could be ok, but you can’t really deny any actions with stickers. You just can’t delete them. Imagine yourself texting with your new business companion and sending accidental heart sticker. Such an embarrassment! Hopefully, they will fix this issue in next updates.

Compatibility 4/5

Imo is currently available for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, but there is no desktop version. It’s quite ok unless you want to use this app as a free solution for instant messaging in a small company. It means that Imo is a good app for calling your relatives and friends, but certainly too restricted for business.


All in all, Imo is rather good for some not serious texting to you close people as it lacks a range of features to be used for B2B and B2C communication.

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