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GLWiZ review

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GLWIZ is an app that helps you to watch a live broadcast from all around the world. Here you will find a large number of channels, that are available to watch in different countries. The application uses the high-speed Internet to provide viewers with the needed amount of TV shows and multiple News Channels. The WEB TV service gives you an opportunity to watch various TV programs in many languages.  

Interface 4/5

The interface is pretty simple, and it will not be difficult to handle it. The background is dark, so you will surely see all the icons on the foreground. Every picture is highlighted, and it won't be hard to select the needed language or playback device. The channels and different TV Shows are also highlighted which help you to select them faster. However, the number of ads may be annoying and sometimes you will have to watch them before the main show starts. Nevertheless, the design looks fancy, and you will surely like it.

Features 4/5

GLWIZ provides Arabic, Turkish, Farsi, and many other communities with interesting TV shows, news, and music, which people can watch any time they want. Developers added many features to expand the outreach. Now you can select between Live TV, radio, TV series, and movies. You can also add the likable channel in the favorites list.

You can choose the source of a broadcast. There are Persian, Arabic, Turkish, Kurdish, Afghan, and Chinese sources. The app is free, it also provides you with more than hundreds of live TV channels, and radio stations combined. 

To add the channel to your favorites list all you have to do is select the channel and then tap the FAVORITES button. You can check and arrange your favorites list in the main menu by tapping the same name button. However, the only sources that are available are those, which were mentioned before.

Usability 4/5

GLWIZ works well and provides its users with all the promised information. However, considering the app is free, you will have to watch some ads before watching the main TV show. The ads will also appear at the bottom of the screen, but they won't bother you that much. The app is great, and it provides many people with educational, musical and cultural information. People can run this application any time in case they have access to the Internet.

Compatibility 5/5

You can run GLWIZ on any platform you wish. It is available for a download on iOS, Android, and Windows, which allows more people to run this application. The download will not take much time due to the small size of the app.


GLWIZ is a useful app, that may provide many people with various broadcasts, such as News, TV shows, radio, and movies. Just download this application on your mobile device or other gadget and monitor the source you are interested in. We surely recommend you to use this app if you do not have enough time to watch TV at home or because you do not have access to many channels.

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