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ClassDojo review

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Education just got taken up a notch with ClassDojo. This remarkable app brings students and teachers together like never before through better classroom behavior that can be shared with parents, teachers, and students alike.

Interface 5/5

With the ClassDojo app, you can access records of all your students instantly with colorful and fun tabs. Keep a track of students progress individually or collectively and share it with parents or administrators. Get real-time updates and chat with parents as and when you like. Share interesting stories that took place at school or just a photo of your students working together with other teachers, parents, and more. Students can also use the app to create portfolios of their work and share it freely.

Features 4/5

The ClassDojo app comes with interesting and interactive functions that help create a more nourishing environment at school and at home. At the Homeroom tab, teachers can keep a track of all their students collectively as well as individually to ensure every student is doing their best. The Class Story tab gives you the freedom to create and share anything that happens at school. Whether it's a firefighter visiting or a student's painting on the wall, you can instantly share it with other teachers and parents. In the Toolkit section, you can gain access to a timer, radio, group maker, noise meter, and more. The ClassDojo app is truly a wonderful tool when it comes building stronger bonds between student and teacher or teacher and parent and is a step in the right direction for all educational institutions. By focusing on transparency, the app allows all parents to know how their child is doing in school and work together with teachers to better any weak areas.

Usability 5/5

One of the fundamental ideas behind ClassDojo was user friendliness. Whether it's a teacher, a parent, or a student, the app aims at providing an easy to use platform for everyone involved. The tabs are big and clearly marked to avoid mistakes. Teachers can quickly access and share data for any student by simply tapping on the student's name. Similarly, the teacher can share an entire classrooms progress with a simple tap. It is easy to take attendance as well and automatically track their records. Even parents can quickly keep a track of their kids through the app. Students can keep their portfolios saved and add to them as and when they complete projects. With functions like recording, students and teachers can make educational and entertaining videos and share them with other teachers or parents. The ClassDojo app easily allows teachers to make groups of students to participate in various activities so every group is well balanced.

Compatibility 5/5

The ClassDojo app is available on all Android devices and is free to download. The app is also compatible on iOS devices and can be used on desktops as well.


With the introduction of the ClassDojo app in schools and classrooms, teachers and students now have a brand new way of interacting. Not only does the app help teachers reach out to students better, but it also helps keep the students interested in learning. The benefits of the ClassDojo app are numerous, but one of the biggest advantages it brings is the fact that parents can now check on their kids and track their progress in real time. They can talk to teachers and discuss ways of helping and bettering their child's performance in and around the classroom. Teachers can share the student's progress and records instantly with just a tap of a button. The ClassDojo app is a must-have for all teachers, classrooms, and schools.

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