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BIGO LIVE - Live Broadcasting review

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Share all your craziness with your fans and friends around the world - LIVE - with Bigo Live. This real-time, live broadcasting app is a lot of fun and is great for live streaming all your favorite activities as well as follow people who share the same interests as you.

Interface – 5/5

With Bigo Live, you get a basic and simplistic design that enables you to connect with friends, fans, and other broadcasters instantly. With minimalistic features that deliver a powerful performance, the app is quickly growing into one of the most dominant social media apps that is used worldwide. With a crisp and clear user interface, Bigo Live offers a unique style of staying connected. It is easy to add, remove, edit, crop, and do so much more with distinct tabs and settings.

Features - 5/5

Boasting a wide variety of spectacular features, the Bigo Live app ensures that you always get the best out of your connectivity options. The multi-guest feature brings multiple broadcasters together so you can be a part of unlimited fun and entertainment. Chat, join, or broadcast your favorite activities and share them with the world and make new friends or increase your fans. You can go live instantly so dance, sing, play, eat, drink, or just go wild and let all your friends watch you. In turn, you can watch other broadcasters and partake in their activities. Browse through hundreds of live streams and add them to your favorite list. Interested in gaming? Follow the latest games and gamers live and learn new tricks. Create live vlogs and find new vlogs that peak your interest. With Bigo Live, you can find new friends that live around you or are near your current location. You can even share gifts with your friends to make them feel special.

Usability – 4/5

With the increase of social media apps making their way into the market regularly, it is important to have one that offers a user-friendly interface as well as performs well at all times. That is exactly what Bigo Live brings to the table - and then some. It is a smartly created app that let's you stay connected at all times with anyone from anywhere in the world. Using Bigo Live is impressively easy and going live to broadcast yourself and the entertainment around you is as easy as tapping a single button. Finding new friends and checking out the latest and most trending broadcasts is also easy. Just search and hit enter and find multiple results for your searches with filters for refining your requirements. With over 150 million users across the globe, Bigo Live brings you an unmatched plethora of real-time live streaming like never before. Join in and enjoy yourself to the maximum.

Compatibility – 5/5

The Bigo Live app is compatible with Android and iOS operating systems and is free to download and use. It is supported on smartphones and tablets. The app isn't supported on PC's.


If you are tired of using the regular social media apps that all compete to outdo each other, Bigo Live is a significantly better option for you to try. It is fresh and houses a number of exciting features that keep you glued to your smartphone or tablet. The app is known to be one of the best real-time live streaming apps that allow you to share your hobbies with the world. If you want to find someone with the same interests as you, simple search and find someone near you instantly. Broadcast yourself or find new and trending broadcasts to keep you entertained at all times.

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